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Harley Gauges

You are looking a the perfect Accessory for your Harley Davidson. You can now get rid of that faded Plastic speedometer gauge face.

We have the Nu Image Custom Gauge Package you need for your Harley Davidson 2000-2009 Road King/Softail or Glide.

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*Does Not Effect Mileage*

*Lifetime Warranty*

*Patented Technology*


You send us your stock gauge or gauges along with our work order form: The gauge face/needle/bezel are shipped back customized.

Click Here for Work Order Form

--Stock Gauges pictured above--


New Gauge Package includes:

*Stainless Steel Face*

*Silver Needle* &

*Chrome Billet Bezel*

All gauge faces are Stainless Steel Brush Metal with one of 6 etched design you choose from: